The ONE Fuel Guarantee is designed for the fuel industry as a unique and accepted alternative to the traditional bank guarantees. Fitch has assigned Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited a National Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) rating of “AAA(zaf)” giving absolute assurance in performance and reliability. The Fuel Guarantee Policy is targeted at all fuel retail service station brands.

Key Benefits

  • New retailers don’t have to finance, or tie up valuable security or working capital in providing bank guarantees
  • Existing retailers can substitute their bank guarantees and inject some liquidity into their business or reduce liabilities
  • Existing retailers on ‘hard cash’ can now afford a guarantee to trade on ACB/manumatic debit
  • Existing retailers can ‘top up’ their existing guarantees to meet current fuel company requirements
  • The monthly premium is an operating expense of the business and thus written off against taxable income
  • Opportunity cost of having released your cash or securities

Additional Benefits

  • Fuel Retailer’s Bank Guarantee solution with selected banks whereby the fuel company is issued with a bank guarantee however the bank is secured by the Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited guarantee instead of traditional collateral assets (cash security or fixed property)

This Bank Guarantee Solution is available for all fuel brands and is a great solution to release the cash or assets tied up in a bank guarantee without the need to replace the actual bank guarantee held by the fuel company. It is in essence a ‘security swap’ giving the Retailer access to valuable working capital.


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