What are the unique risks on a Collectable Motor Product?

The ONE Collectable Car Insurance Policy is designed to provide cover on a stand-alone basis. ONE provides cover for a wide range of cars, including vehicles 20 years or older, vintage cars, classic cars, collectible cars and custom-made vehicles. ONE’s Collectable Car cover is designed specifically for classic motoring fanatics and is available at competitive and flexible rates.

What the typical covers are and minimum covers required

  • The cover options are Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only.
  • The cover is restricted to pleasure and private purposes. If disclosed to ONE then cover will be provided for the vehicle being hired occasionally for special functions like wedding and matric farewells.
  • Usage of the vehicle is limited to 5000 miles or 8300 kilometres per year calculated from the inception date of the policy and each anniversary date after. The onus is on the Broker and client to provide the mileage to ONE at inception and each anniversary date thereafter.

Why Collectable Cars Owners need a niche product like ONE

  • ONE Provides cover on agreed value basis for these classic vehicles.
  • Client has the option to choose their own repairer.
  • ONE will pay the costs of Air freighting / importing replacement parts.
  • We will pay for the loss or damage to parts temporarily removed or detached form the insured's vehicle provided that.
    • Our liability will not exceed 10% of the market or agreed value.
    • The parts have been removed or detached from the vehicle for the purpose of servicing or repair.
    • The parts are in your custody or control and are kept in a locked garage.

Our Niche Extensions and Enhancements

  • Comprehensive cover: In the event that the vehicle is declared uneconomical to repair (which is when the reasonable costs of repair exceeds 70% of the reasonable retail or agreed value (if applicable) as specified in the schedule) the basis of the settlement will include an allowance of 10% to be deducted from the settlement amount for the value of the salvage. The salvage shall remain the insured's property and the excess as indicated will not be applicable.
  • Glass/Windscreen cover is automatic included limited to the amount reflected in the schedule. ONE will pay for damages to windows, head lamps, tail or spotlight damaged without affecting the clients claim free group.
  • We will pay for Emergency repairs if the insured vehicle is disable due to any loss or damage insured under this policy up to the amount reflected in the schedule. The emergency repairs may be approve by the Insured without our prior consent. Insured must obtain an itemised invoice and forward to ONE.
  • Repatriation Cover and the territorial limits are The Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Malawi, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
  • Wreckage removal
  • We will pay reasonable cost to deliver your vehicle after repair to you in the Republic of South Africa, after repair of damage covered under this policy.


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