The ONE Extreme Lifestyle Insurance Policy has been specifically designed for the off-road enthusiast. Cover is provided for all 4x4 and 4x2 vehicles with diff-lock, caravans, motor/quad bikes and trailers. ONE’s Extreme Lifestyle cover is available at competitive and flexible rates.

What the typical covers are and minimum covers required

  • The options are Extreme Comprehensive cover, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party Only.
  • ONE provides full 4x4ing, off-road and over landing cover.

Why Extreme Lifestyle 4x4 Owners need a niche product like ONE

  • ONE Provides cover on retail value for these 4x4 vehicles. Extras modifications done to the vehicle can be noted separately and added to the total sum insured.
  • Damaged and the assessed cost of repairs exceeds 70% of the current new retail price including value added tax and emissions tax, then We shall pay the current purchase price of a new Vehicle of the same or a similar model or the limit of indemnity shown in the Schedule whichever is the lower.
  • If the Vehicle is stolen or declared by Us to be uneconomical to repair more than 12 consecutive months after first registration, then We shall pay the limit of indemnity shown in the Schedule or the reasonable retail value of the Vehicle at the time of loss or damage.
  • Full mechanical and electrical derangement cover for winching equipment.
  • Technical assistance resulting from sudden or unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown across the border.
  • Automatic theft cover for portable DVD players, GPS units and recovery equipment beyond RSA borders.
  • Full Roadside Assistance including 20L fuel
  • Emergency accommodation beyond RSA borders
  • Protection and removal beyond RSA borders

Our Niche Extensions and Enhancements

  • Glass/Windscreen cover is automatically included limited to the amount reflected in the schedule. No excess will apply if arranged through ONE IMC call centre.
  • Locks and Keys are automatically included limited to the amount reflected in the schedule.
  • We will cover your Sound equipment to a limit of 5% of the sum insured or maximum of the amount reflected in the schedule. Should the sound system/equipment exceeds this limited then it can be covered as an additional extra.
  • We will pay for Emergency repairs if the insured vehicle is disable due to any loss or damage insured under this policy up to the amount reflected in the schedule. The emergency repairs may be approved by the Insured without our prior consent. Insured must obtain an itemised invoice and forward to ONE.
  • Repatriate Your Vehicle (as well as any trailer or caravan which is insured by Us that was being towed by Your Vehicle) to South Africa up to the amount reflected in the schedule.
  • The Territorial limits on the Extreme Lifestyle product has been extended and offers full cover in any country south of the equator.
  • Wreckage removal
  • We will pay reasonable cost to deliver your vehicle after repair to you in the Republic of South Africa, after repair of damage covered under this policy.

The importance of Risk Management

  • These type of 4x4 vehicles have been fitted with additional extras eg: Tow bars, bull bars, Nudge bar, “offroad 4x4 accessories” it important to ensure that the values of these items have been included to the total sum insured and listed separately with their individual sum insured.
  • An additional Theft/Hijack excess can be negotiated if the client does not want to install a tracking device.

Restrictions and Limits

  • Any commercial or carrying of business goods use is excluded to the cover.
  • Motor Liability cover is automatically included.

Excess Structures or Highlights

  • Basic Excess applicable will depend on the value of the vehicle.
  • Basic excess waiver is optional.


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