Perils Covered

  • All risks, damage or loss to equipment within South Africa or anywhere in the world while on a trip not exceeding 30 days. Cover includes while in storage, in transit and in use, including amateur races.
  • Third party liability providing indemnity for any damages the insured is legally liable to pay to a third-party claimant for any bodily injury or death, or any loss or physical damage to tangible property that is accidentally caused by the insured while participating in the insured activity.
  • Personal accident to the insured in the event of death or permanent disability while participating in the activity

Items Covered

  • All itemised bicycles, mono cycles, tricycles and tandem bicycles, commonly referred to as cycles.
  • Your cycling accessories such as torches, helmets, cycling sunglasses, shoes, specialist clothing, bike computers, bike GPS’s, heart rate monitors, bike stands, rollers, training mats etc.
  • Your repair kit
  • Your bag, case or box used for storing and transporting the equipment
  • Other items not specifically mentioned but which are used solely during the activity up to a maximum amount of R500 per any one item and R1,000 in the aggregate. Any item with a value of R500 or more must be specified
  • In the event that Your cycle, or similar items critical to an organised race or cycling event is lost or delayed while in transit to the event, We will indemnify You for the costs of renting similar equipment, as a temporary replacement, for the duration of the event, to a maximum of R1,000 per event and in the aggregate
  • Excess buy down: Normal excesses can be reduced for an additional premium equal to the normal premium


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