The ONE Credit Protection Policy is designed to insure the policyholder’s combined personal debt in a single policy. Based on section 106 of the National Credit Act, it provides the policyholder with freedom of choice when it comes to insuring his/her debt for less. In fact the ONE Credit Protection Policy may be utilised to cover any debt or financial commitment.

There are no upfront medicals.

Target Market

  • Debt Counsellors
  • Debt Management companies
  • Credit Providers
  • Personal Lines Brokers
  • Financial Planners/Advisors

Key Benefits

  • Death – ONE settles the account
  • Temporary Disability – ONE pays the policyholder’s instalments for 12 months
  • Permanent Disability – ONE settles the account
  • Critical Illness – ONE pays the policyholder’s instalments for 3 months
  • Retrenchment – ONE pays the policyholder’s instalments for 12 months


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