First Class

Personal Lifestyle

The ONE First Class Product provides a targeted solution with the highest limits, widest cover, special extensions, and cover options specifically for Executive individuals.

The ONE Personal Lifestyle Policy addresses the needs of every individual in respect of protecting their personal lifestyles and assets.

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Collectable Car

Extreme Lifestyle

The ONE Collectable Car Policy is designed to provide cover for collectable and classic cars on a stand alone basis, with the basic requirements being Named Drivers and Restricted Mileage Clause.

The ONE 4x4 Extreme Lifestyle Policy has been specifically designed for the off-road enthusiast.

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Personal Pedal Protect


The ONE Pedal Protect Policy provides worldwide cover whilst in use for your clients’ Pedal cycles and accessories.

The ONE Pleasure Craft Policy is designed for the use of watercraft for leisure purposes, including yachts, motor launches, rubber ducks, speed boats and ski boats.

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The ONE Equine Policy is specifically designed to ensure peace of mind for the horse owner.

The ONE Canine Policy covers the life of higher-value dogs and is aimed at breeders, owners of imported dogs, Medic Alert Dogs and Sniffer Dogs.

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Prime Asset

Prime Asset Cover is a tailored Income Protection Insurance Policy that protects you “the Prime Asset" in your business in the event of illness or accident, whether you’re the owner, a commission earner, a freelancer or a key staff member.

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