The ONE Pollution Liability Policy is available to those needing to transport Dangerous Goods and/or other goods that may present a threat to the environment, people and property.

Dangerous Goods are identified and classified according to the code of practice SABS 0228. The law is rigid in terms of its definition and once a substance has been classsified as a Dangerous Good there are onerous and specific procedures that need to be followed and requirements to be met.

Key Benefits

  • The damages arising from the spillage of the Dangerous Goods and the clean-up costs
  • Removal or deactivation of the Dangerous Goods and ensuring that the area affected is restored to its former state
  • Provision of legal representation in the event of the institution of any legal proceedings
  • Bodily injury or death arising exclusively as a result of the spillage of Dangerous Goods
  • Damage to third party assets arising exclusively from the spillage of Dangerous Goods

Automatically Included

  • Loss of fuel following a Side Tank spill
  • Side Tank spillage
  • Prevention of loss to mitigate a claim
  • Personal Accident injury for driver whilst on duty
  • Reinstatement

Additional Extensions Available

  • Tanks above ground
  • Premises risk cover
  • Contingency cover
  • Excess helper
  • Additional Side Tank
  • Riot and strike

Requirements for Cover

All requirements are expected to be met and to be complied with. Given the risks involved, non-compliance with these legal requirements could invalidate cover. The National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996 and in particular Chapter viii of the Regulations deals specifically with the transportation of Dangerous Goods and Substances by Road. However, this Act is not exhaustive, and the policyholder is expected to comply with all legal requirements.

  • Cover is valid only in respect of a sudden and unforeseen event
  • The claim must have occurred on or after the retroactive date and during the period of insurance
  • The Dangerous Goods must be in the process of being transported. This includes the period of being loaded and unloaded
  • The transportation must be by road; along the route; during the hours; and in accordance with the terms provided by the authorities in a vehicle that is legally permitted to carry the Dangerous Goods
  • The drivers must:
    • Have the required PrDP-D that allows them to transport these Dangerous Goods
    • Be older than 25 years of age
    • Have been trained specifically for the Dangerous Goods that they transport

The ONE Incident Management Centre will instruct our service providers who have the specialised equipment and skills, and who are on permanent stand-by, to attend to the scene immediately and begin the clean-up process. It is very important that all claims are handled via the ONE Incident Management Centrer.

The ONE Incident Management Center may be contacted on the following toll free numbers: 0861 000 286 or 087 066 0286


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