The ONE Marine Cargo Policy covers the movement of goods from the time of attachment of risk (depending on the Incoterms) until the goods are delivered to the final destination. It protects the policyholder against loss of, or damage to, cargo subject to the Institute Clauses as published by Witherby’s. This encompasses all means of shipping of goods by road, air, sea, rail or by post. These goods are either imported, exported, distributed within RSA (inland transit) or by cross voyages (shipments that do not enter or leave RSA).

Key Benefits

  • Premium for these policies may be charged on a monthly basis (i.e. declaration basis) or, alternatively, charged on an annual 12-month basis, based on a deposit calculated on the estimated value of shipments and adjusted at the conclusion of the policy period on the actual value of shipments
  • Facultative individual marine insurance policies may be issued for one-off shipments for a certain period, usually for a specific voyage

Additional Covers

  • ONE Marine Cargo Open Declaration:
    • Based on agreed conditions and rates leaving specific detail of each consignment to be declared as and when they take place. This is an open policy and remains open until cancelled
    • Aimed at policyholders who are unable to anticipate the number of shipments they will have per year or those that do not anticipate frequent monthly shipments and who would prefer to declare each shipment as and when it takes place
    • The policyholder must declare each and every consignment falling within the scope of the policy and there is no option to omit submitting declarations for goods which he/she knows to have arrived safely. All declarations will be accepted up to the limits stated in the policy even if they are made after known loss or damage
  • ONE Marine Stockthroughput:
    • Eliminates gaps in cover between the transportation (marine cargo freight) and storage of goods risk. The goods are usually insured from the time they leave the supplier’s warehouse overseas, including whilst at the policyholder’s storage facility, as well as until delivered to the end customer. The storage of goods cover applies to warehouses owned or leased by the policyholder
    • Goods include raw goods, semi-finished goods and finished goods whilst in storage and in transit, but excludes goods undergoing a process
    • Premiums are usually based on the estimated annual sales turnover
    • Additional extensions are available for goods on demonstration or exhibition
  • ONE Marine Facultative (Once Off):
    • Single cargo consignment with no obligation on either side to repeat the insurance or to adhere to the rates and conditions in future. Every risk is assessed separately and a premium is agreed upon and payable upfront
    • Includes transit cover for the removals of household goods and personal effects transported by professional transporters
    • Issued by ONE to provide evidence that marine insurance cover is in place for a specific shipment of goods


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