Long Haul

Short Haul

The ONE Long Haul Policy is designed to meet the needs of the Long Haul Contractor, both large and small.

The ONE Short Haul Policy is designed to meet the needs of Short Haul Contractors who operate within a 300km radius of their home base and who park their vehicles overnight.

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Owner Driver

Goods in Transit

The ONE Owner Driver Policy is designed to meet the needs of vehicle owners who drive their own light delivery vehicle (LDV) or heavy commercial vehicle (HCV).

The ONE Goods in Transit Policy is available as a stand-alone product or as an additional section of the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Policy.

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Pollution Liability

Motor Fleets

The ONE Pollution Liability Policy is available to those needing to transport Dangerous Goods and/or other goods that may present a threat to the environment, people and property.

We are excited to announce that we will be extending our focus under the Transport banner to Commercial and Corporate fleets.

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Marine Goods In Transit

Marine Cargo

The ONE Marine Goods in Transit Policy is aimed at the transporter who moves goods on behalf of another party (Third party goods not belonging to the transporter).

The ONE Marine Cargo Policy covers the movement of goods from the time of attachment of risk (depending on the Incoterms) until the goods are delivered to the final destination.

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